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This blog in no way represents the opinions of the Cato institute. I generally see the world through an Eastern Orthodox Christian/libertarian/music fanatic/musician/film connoisseur lens. Everything with a slash next to it will probably be mentioned at some point in this blog. I named the blog "Libertarian Playground" because there are many aspects of my libertarianism that I still have to decide about. I lean toward antiwar, old right conservatism as well. Welcome to Libertarian Playground!

Are Libertarianism and Eastern Orthodoxy Compatible?

Libertarianism is hedonism, relativism and libertinism.  How could someone claiming to be an Orthodox Christian embrace such a godless philosophy?  Well if that’s really what libertarianism is, it would be absolutely impossible to be both an Orthodox Christian and a … Continue reading

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Is there a “Christian” federal budget?

Progressive Evangelical leader Jim Wallis doesn’t realize he is asking the government to threaten violence against its own citizens.  He correctly asks for the military budget to be cut, but doesn’t understand that each time he calls for more welfare … Continue reading

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The Constitution can bridge the conservative/libertarian divide

If you put the vice president of the libertarian Cato institute David Boaz and the president of the traditionally conservative Family Research Council Tony Perkins in a room and asked them to talk about the benefits of reducing marginal tax … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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